Scientific grade skin imaging at affordable price

DermaSpec® provides colour calibrated image to clinicians.

Easy to use

Standard Windows® driver makes device compatible with any Windows Image Aquisition aware Patient Management System.


Dermoscopy or surface microscpy is a diagnostic technique that involves looking at magnified image of fluid immersed skin lesion through a glass plate. Multiple studies has shown high diagnostic value of the technique comparatively to other non invasive techniques. DermaSpec® device is designed to capture dermoscopic digital images.

Our mission is to provide clinicians with the best means to detect changes in skin lesions. One of the most cost effective methods of the detection is lesion monitoring, short- or long-term, depending on clinical evidence. Use of digital imaging allows to streamline the monitoring workflow. We believe that high quality imaging with emphasis on elimination of image variation due to instrument imperfections is the only way to achieve good diagnostic outcome. We designed our device by carefully matching the performance of individual components to achieve maximum system performance.

DermaSpec® take image calibration very seriously. Colour calibration is not just about white balance of the camera or occasional check of colours of a colour chart. Colour calibration is about consistent tracking of the colour changes introduced by the instrument or the imaging technique and systematic correction of those distortions on per image basis. It is also about ensuring that all images taken on different units of DermaSpec® device are interchangeable and independent of underlying hardware


Change of lesion apearance over 3 month is an indicator of malignanacy

Lesion changed warranting excision. In situ melanoma
Lesion changed warranting excision. Malignant melanoma
Lesion did not change.
Lesion did not change.
Images are printed with permission of Sydney Melanoma Diagnostic Centre


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